The Craft Beer Factory

About Us

My interest in craft beer really started in the 70’s in Great Britain. My wife and I were members of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in the early days of its foundation. Most large breweries in the UK were trying to switch over to tasteless keg beer that would please the masses. (Sound familiar?). Thanks to CAMRA a nationwide movement successfully reversed that trend and gave credence and popularity to the smaller breweries that were still making the “real stuff”. Craft beer in the UK was cask conditioned beer and noses were turned up at the prospect of drinking keg beer of any type.

After arriving in Georgia in 1983 I was devastated to find that I had arrived on Planet Budweiser with no hope of escape.

There was steady change, slowly but surely, interesting developments took place….Dogwood and Red Brick were the trail blazers and others started to follow suit…Sweetwater became dominant.

Laws continued to change and growlers became popular with beer fans like my-self. My Colonial Cousins in the USA adopted the name Craft Beer to describe small batch brewing that was mostly served in keg. A no-no in the UK; but quite acceptable to my good friends here in the USA. Craft Beer was booming and so was my collection of growlers. My wife commented that I could start up my own growler store with the number of glass jugs I owned. Little did she know?

The Craft Beer Factory was born with a dream to have unparalleled supplies of beer for yours truly. Seriously though, I sincerely wanted to further the cause of the movement away from tasteless Macro-brewed products. Our growler store took many months to open but it quickly became very popular with the East Cobb Community.

With any business you have to give great customer service and have the very best product for sale at competitive prices. We make everyone welcome at CBF and our devotion to selecting only the best beers is founded by our belief that if it not highly regarded by Beer Advocate and or it does not pass our stringent quality standards, it does not make the cut.

My friend and partner Austin Ives has been the driver of our business and has made some great decisions for our company. We decided to sell Home Brew Beer and Wine Supplies when our close neighbors Brewmasters Warehouse decided to close their doors. We decided to sell Wine, Cold Brew Coffee, Mead, and now offer a Game Room for our board game community.

We have made so many good friends through sharing our time in the store that this is the true reason that we continue to do what we do…..It’s all about the customer…. (and the beer). Thank you East Cobb.

Richard Heaver